Furniture Made Of Solid Wood

Lifelong quality of oak


Furniture Made Of Solid Wood

Lifelong quality of oak


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Real wood has its scent

The quality requirement of furniture production is the high-quality raw material, which must be carefully matched, sorted then handled professionally, in line with its physical properties, with its perfect knowledge by using verified, high-quality materials.

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Over 20 years of experience

Our company was founded in 1993 and we have been dealing with furniture manufacturing since the beginning. Lamelló Kft. is 100% owned by our family and every member of our family is actively involved in the activities and management of the company.

The production is carried out in our modernly equipped factory in Kaposvár with the involvement of nearly 100 trained professionals. Our products are made of solid wood, primarily from oak, beech or black walnut.

The raw material is purchased from the Southern Transdanubian region in the form of logs, and in a unique way in the country, we implement the whole wood processing within the company, so we produce ready furniture from saw logs.  The majority of our products is supplied to export markets, mainly to Germany, but also to several European countries.

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Lamelló Furniture offers high-quality, unitary and harmonious furniture lines. The furniture is long-lasting, for up to a lifetime. It is also possible to realize custom-made furniture, according to your ideas. Our furniture lines are available in a wide range of colours and in a variety of materials, so you can surely find the most suitable elements from our portfolio of products. Please feel free to contact us for furniture-related inquiries.



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